The Value of Communities of Practice

Kingstown College’s vision is to create a learning environment that values critical reflection and fosters personal and professional development for learners, tutors, staff and alumni. Kingstown envisages this continuum of learning  to extend beyond certification and offers learners the opportunity to develop their relationship with Kingstown as an alumnus by encouraging their active participation in a Community of Practice CoP.

Aims of the CoP

  • Update on changes that impact on the coaching profession
  • Support the development of coaches as professional practitioners.
  • Facilitate informal learning and networking between alumni
  • Open access to broader community and occupational learning resources
  • Maintain communication and develop relationships with alumni
  • Evaluate the impact of Kingstown programmes on alumni careers
  • Identify additional training needs
  • Inform alumni of opportunities arising for further study/professional development
  • Inform Kingstown QA processes including programme review, revalidation and programme planning

How it Works

  • Graduates are introduced to the CoP following certification
  • Graduates are invited to attend continuing professional development and educational events /functions organised and hosted by Kingstown College and associated organisations.
  • All Graduates are invited to refresh their learning through attendance at any of the Modules of the course they have studied following graduation at no cost to them.
  • Graduates are invited to contribute to the Kingstown College Coaching Magazine and also receive a free copy of the magazine
  • Graduates are invited to Group Coaching Supervision on a Bi-Monthly basis