There are many titles on the market which deal with Coaching and related topics. Part of the course study with Kingstown College involves choosing some of those titles to review. We have gathered a selection of book reviews to help you on the way to choose your next read.

Authentic Happiness by M. Seligman

Reviewed by Deirdre O’Neill

After listening to conversations from my fellow colleagues I thought I need to read this book and find out why it was so good and I was not disappointed. I thoroughly enjoyed this book and feel it adds not only a professional but a personal aspect to my coaching journey.

One aspect of coaching that I have learned is that coaching is a journey and that includes the coaching training. It is unrealistic to expect that either I or others will be fulfilled at all times and it is important to have an understanding of gratitude.  Selgigman discusses the differences between pleasure and gratitude. Gratification requires work and skill it is not always enjoyable and can be stressful, pleasure will not bring about change however gratification will.

The ethos of coaching is to bring about change and in order for us to do that, we need to have a close connection and understanding of human behaviour. As a coach I would like my clients to commit to their goals and to have their own journey and be aware of this journey. I believe this is what will help sustain the change which is as important as making the change initially.

I have learned from this book that the importance and understanding of true happiness is a process that requires self -reflection and daily self -determination and skill.

The area around signature strengths is as very powerful read. Talents are something that is discussed usually amongst children however Selgigman helped develop my thinking to understanding the difference between talent and strength.

The author encourages the reader to identify their signature strengths that are part of our make-up that we use on a daily basis without our full understanding and it is the role therefore of the coach to ensure this is amplified during coaching sessions.

Working with people who are pessimistic is an area that I require support from and this book has offered me insight to some of the thinking around how this happens. The author discusses how we can use our signature strengths in the work place and how with clear leadership the “win win” attitude can maybe not change the area we work in but can change our attitude to how we approach work and use our talents.