Executive Report 2017, The State of Play in European Coaching & Mentoring: Commissioning Coaching

Jonathan Passmore, Hazel Brown, Zoltan Csigas et al

We’d love to share with you some of the finding from the research commissioned by EMCC and undertaken by a team of researchers in 50 countries across Europe.

Passmore, J, Brown, H, Csigas, Z & the European Coaching and Mentoring Research Consortium (2017) The State of Play in European Coaching & Mentoring – Executive Report. Henley-on-Thames: Henley Business School and EMCC International ISBN 978-1-912473-00-7

Coach commissioners

Coach commissioners are individuals within organisations who are charged with the responsibility for commissioning coaching. The voice of this group is less well researched than others, but it is a key factor to consider as the coaching profession develops.

Who are commissioners?

Those who commission coaching come from a wide range of backgrounds. They may be senior managers in an organisation, seeking coaching for their team members, human resources professionals letting a framework contract, or a specialist coach commissioner managing the coaching operations for the organisation.

The responses in this section were completed by managers who commission coaching on behalf of their organisations.


In total 131 coach commissioners responded to this section of which 4 were outside Europe. Not all respondents answered all questions. The responses showed that the two most important factors for commissioners when appointing coaches were coach experience (50%) and professional qualifications (23%). In terms of who was the ‘primary client’ they were divided, with 40% seeing the organisation and 40% stating that the individual and the organisation were of equal importance.

Criteria used in coach selection

Who do you believe is the primary client when you are delivering Corporate / Organisational coaching?

What aspects are explicitly included in your contract with the organisation?