Executive Report 2017, The State of Play in European Coaching & Mentoring: Evaluation

Jonathan Passmore, Hazel Brown, Zoltan Csigas et al

We’d love to share with you some of the finding from the research commissioned by EMCC and undertaken by a team of researchers in 50 countries across Europe.

Passmore, J, Brown, H, Csigas, Z & the European Coaching and Mentoring Research Consortium (2017) The State of Play in European Coaching & Mentoring – Executive Report. Henley-on-Thames: Henley Business School and EMCC International ISBN 978-1-912473-00-7


The issue of evaluation is an important part of any intervention. In simple terms, evaluation can help us answer the question, ‘Does it work?’ (1) Organisations are interested in evaluation to help them understand whether the investment of employee time and financial resources is a wise investment. Individuals are interested in evaluation to help them understand if the intervention will help them with their presenting issue. Yet there is no agreed way to evaluate coaching. This may reflect the many different types of coaching and the many different ways it is used.

Does coaching work?

What we can say from other research studies is that coaching works. In short, it is about as effective as most other types of organisational interventions: specifically, it is useful for improving performance, enhancing wellbeing, developing self-regulation and developing more effective coping strategies. (2)


The coaches who responded to this section revealed most were evaluating either informally at the end of a meeting or formally at the end of an assignment.

Evaluating impact

Sources of feedback


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