How ready are you for coaching or mentoring?

by Prof David Clutterbuck

Coaching or mentoring can be beneficial at almost any time, but you will find it particularly beneficial when:

  • You are looking to take on a new job role, or have just done so
  • You keep putting off action or decisions that you know you need to get on with
  • You need help with your personal development plan (either creating it, or implementing it)
  • You need to improve a specific skill
  • You need to change a specific behaviour
  • You regularly find that you aren’t achieving what you want from meetings or conversations with others
  • You are struggling to set and keep to priorities
  • You are trying to manage conflict
  • You have doubts in your ability to achieve what is asked of you
  • You want to make significant changes in how you manage yourself and/or other people.

In all of these situations, you will get more out of coaching or mentoring, if you:

  • Spend quality time thinking about the issue and how you are going to present it to your coach. (Ask yourself: “Where has my thinking got me to so far?”)
  • Consider the questions:
    • Why is this issue important now?
    • What do I know and simply assume about this issue?
    • What has stopped me sorting it already?
  • Rehearse in your mind how you will present the issue, so that the coach understands it quickly
  • You come with an open mind, prepared to be challenged and self-honest
  • Take time before the coaching or mentoring or mentoring conversation to settle your mind into a state of creative calm – so put away your i-phone at least five minutes beforehand!