Leadership Development

Kingstown College offers a professional consultancy service in the areas of leadership, mentoring, coaching and business development.

We help organisations

  • Achieve management objectives

  • Implement a suitable Coaching and Mentoring strategy including upskilling personnel in the skills of coaching and mentoring, establishing an internal coach/mentor panel and assisting organisations work towards a coaching culture

  • Implement policies and procedures for diversity and disability programmes

  • Provide appropriate solutions for the Health and Safety of your personnel

  • Train and upskill employees for maximum retention in the organisation

  • Provide skills and outplacement support for employees not retained in the organisation

We work with our clients to deliver tailored products, services and training that enable them to achieve continuous improvement within their businesses.

Our Consultants

Kingstown Colllege offers professional emphatic consultancy. Our consultants have a genuine understanding of how to navigate differing business environments. They possess the critical business skills and experience necessary to provide specialist coaching services and consultancy

We work with organisations to

  • Develop powerful leadership models that identify the specific skills and behaviors required to achieve strategic objectives as well as the processes and programs required for building those skills across the organisation.

  • Build structured problem-solving, communication and interpersonal skills in teams and internal consulting groups.

  • Assist organisations to implement a coaching culture through a structured process which will ensure stakeholder engagement.

Kingstown College has formed strategic alliances with:

  • Executive Coaching Solutions Ltd

  • Professor David Clutterbuck

  • The Irish Times Training

  • Chilli Pepper Marketing

  • Institute of Technology Athlone

  • Peter Hawkins

Contact Us

Phone:  1890 788 788 (Lo Call)
Text:  086 042 0035
Email: [email protected]

Kingstown College (Executive Coaching Solutions) is a QQI Validated Training Provider.