Coaching Assessment Process at Kingstown College

Coaching assessment process at Kingstown College is a robust procedure of formative and summative practical and theoretical assessment based on best practice coaching competences and standards as outlined by leading international coaching associations and councils (e.g. EMCC European Mentoring and Coaching Council, International Coach Federation and International Association of Coaching) and the Global Code of Ethics.

Coaching assessment process for our online students

If you are an online student, you are required to submit the same assignments as the face-to-face students.  You have two options to submit your final coaching practice assessment:

  1. You may join one of the face-to-face or mastery classes for the videoing of your coaching practice assessment (if this is feasible for you), OR
  2. If you cannot join a face-to-face class you will be required to submit a video and written transcript of a coaching session where you were coaching a client for at least 1/2 hour. Contact your tutor or email [email protected]

What are the different types of coaching?

Coaching can be conducted in a more formal manner, as in one-to-one coaching sessions, or it can be a positive dialogue approach used in most life and work situations.  There are a number of specialist types of coaching, for example

Research studies have shown that when coaching is coupled with other interventions, the outcome is more positive and sustainable. This has been shown for instance in management and leadership where productivity is boosted and leadership competencies are built, and mental health and wellbeing where recovery is enhanced and is more fulfilling. In executive coaching, the objectivity that an executive coach brings to a developmental opportunity is invaluable to managers seeking to make difficult changes in employees’ attitudes, work habits, perspectives and interpersonal relationships.

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