Online Coaching Courses

Why study coaching online with Kingstown College?

Kingstown College is the provider of accredited professional coaching programmes both in Ireland and internationally. The College is at the forefront of the coaching profession and delivers cutting-edge programmes reflecting International Best Practice. Our highly successful face-to-face diplomas are available for online study.

Our  online coaching courses provides an opportunity for students from anywhere in the world to join an international community of coaches. The development and enhancement of your key skills and behaviours as a Professional Coach is a core objective of our online coaching courses. This is achieved through a distinctive delivery style combining cutting edge content and theory with focused experiential learning. Student of our online coaching courses get access to support, resource materials and demonstration videos.

What makes our online coaching courses world-class?

  • Study time / Duration of the course

    Online students determine their study time themselves – the course is flexible enough to allow you to set your own study pace.

  • Skype / Google Hangout / Webinars

    • We use skype or google hangout and face-to-face meetings (where possible) to help our online students stay in touch with the College.
    • We make contact with our online student’s  as soon as possible after registration, to set up an introductory meeting where questions and issues around course material/ coaching tools/ coaching practice are discussed.  These skype/hangout sessions are scheduled regularly with the tutor to ensure the student has access to support and practical guidance around the course material and their coaching practice.
  • Student support tutor

    Each online student has their own support tutor who will stay in touch via Skype, Hangout or phone calls.

  • Course material

    Course content is the same as for face-to-face students. You have access to comprehensive and detailed course material as soon as you are registered on the ecoaching site.

  • Assessments

    Your support tutor will liaise with you and help ensure you are able to complete the assignments.

  • Coaching practice

    Online students are required, like the other students, to practice their coaching tools in real life – your tutor will assist you with the organisation and logistics regarding this part of the course requirement.

  • The e-learning tools

    The tools of e-learning go beyond the traditional, and learning takes on new shades of independent thought, individual pace and creative approach. E-learning will ensure that your learning is multi-faceted including:

    • Instructional coaching videos and online quizzes
    • Specific coaching tools and resource materials i.e. PowerPoint presentations
    • Access to a worldwide collegiate body encouraging collaborative learning amongst coaches across the world
    • Since e-learning assessments are self-paced students can present their assessments at their own pace whilst guided by the deadlines laid out in the programme.

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What online coaching courses do we offer?

Our Diploma in Personal, Leadership & Executive Coaching course  incorporates the most current research conducted by thought leaders in the area of

  • life coaching
  • team coaching
  • executive coaching
  • emotional intelligence
  • leadership
  • positive psychology
  • neuro-linguistic programming
  • career coaching.

This life coaching programme is appropriate for individuals from diverse backgrounds including leaders, HR professionals, learning and development specialists, team leaders, psychologist and therapists wishing to become a professional coach or to incorporate coaching skills into their personal and professional life.

Our Diploma in Mental Health and Wellbeing Coaching programme design incorporates the most current research conducted by thought leaders in the areas of

  • recovery
  • resilience
  • positive psychology coaching
  • cognitive behavioural coaching and
  • other multi-faceted concepts.

This unique coaching model for mental health and wellbeing enables professionals to understand the challenges associated with mental health and wellbeing issues in the workplace as well as in professional practice or in mental health and wellbeing centres.

Our Mental Health and Wellbeing programme is appropriate for individuals from diverse backgrounds including leaders, HR professionals, learning and development specialists, team leaders, psychologists and therapists wishing to become a professional mental health and wellbeing coach or to incorporate this innovative and dynamic approach to support clients on a journey of recovery and discovery in their personal and professional lives.  Some experience in this arena is recommended.

Our online coaching courses accreditation

Who are our online coaching courses for?

Our online coaching courses are targeted at:

  • Practising coaches or people looking to set-up their own coaching practice.
  • Leaders, managers and supervisors who understand the importance of using Coaching to increase performance.
  • Individuals who want develop themselves personally and realise how this enhances their life and career prospects.
  • HR Managers, HR Executives and Consultants who want to improve their skills and increase their knowledge of Coaching.
  • Psychologists and Psychotherapists who would like to use Coaching in conjunction with their assessment and development skills.
  • Counsellors, career guidance, recruiters and those involved in helping others and shaping futures.
  • Executives who would like to pursue a career in Coaching.

Online coaching courses fees

Group discounts for two or more may be available.

What do the fees cover?

  • One-on-one tutor Skype/Hangout/Email support
  • FREE ongoing mentoring and assistance for one year post-graduation
  • FREE refresher classes for one year post-graduation
  • 1 x FREE face-to-face class when available

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