‘Mentoring New Parents at Work’ by Nickie Seignot and David Clutterbuck

Becoming a parent is life-changing.  Our experience as employers and working parents tells us this is a critical time for offering support to new parents as they navigate the transition, plan for their return and re-engage with work and career.  For the employer, there are huge costs associated with losing experienced and talented employees and in the interest of building a more diverse and balanced workforce, employers need their people to return engaged and motivated to progress their career with the organisation.

There are sound business reasons to invest in returning talent with evidence showing top performing companies for gender diversity are 15% more likely to perform better financially than the average.  Notwithstanding established and often enhanced policies for maternity and parental leave, most individuals rarely cite company policy when recounting their return to work.  Many express their return in terms of luck; ‘I had a lucky return’, or ‘I’m lucky to work on flexible hours’ or even ‘I was lucky to have a really supportive manager’.  Luck doesn’t make for a strategic approach. The surprise is that many employers fail to invest in supporting returning talent, working on the assumption of ‘self help’ with all the risk that this entails.

The time is now.  What do you have in place to support the team member who’s just announced her pregnancy, or the employee due back in the next few weeks?  What’s possible?

Join us and find out more at our employer Masterclass on 28th September 2017 in the beautiful Fitzpatrick’s Castle Hotel, Killiney, Co Dublin, Ireland where we will share:

  • Insights into Nicki’s work with different businesses and organisations
  • A sustainable, cost effective framework for supporting returning talent using your existing working parents and employees
  • Practical ‘have a go’ activities showcasing different tools and approaches
  • In addition, participants will each receive a personal copy of ‘Mentoring New Parents at Work’ and a set of ‘Cards for Mentoring Conversations’

Nicki Seignot is the lead consultant and founder of ‘The Parent Mentor’ a specialist consultancy that works with organisations to support working parents through internal mentoring programmes and workshops.  It’s part of a long-term strategy of developing and retaining talent.

Some of Nicki’s clients include Asda WalMart, The Cooperative Bank, Dunelm Stores, E.Y. LLP and Hachette UK.  She also works on behalf of CoachMentoring Ltd. with the NHS and Royal Society of Chemistry.

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Mentoring New Parents at Work by Nickie Seignot and David Clutterbuck | A guide for businesses and Organisations

Mentoring New Parents at Work

Written in partnership by two established coaching and mentoring professionals, Mentoring New Parents at Work makes the case for dedicated mentoring programmes in the workplace as a sustainable way of supporting new parents and improving talent retention for employers. The authors offer timely, practical guidance for each stage of the mentoring journey, from building the business case through to ideas for mentoring workshops. The book provides tools, techniques and real life case studies from a range of countries and organisations to illustrate good practice.


What do others say?

‘This is an excellent resource for an organisation wishing to support maternity returners; it should be on the shelves of any HR director and acted on. It is directed at medium to larger organisations but has much to offer to any workplace, which wants to encourage working parents (of either gender) to thrive rather than strive in their jobs. The book is helpfully organised to give an overview of the subject, practical exercises, case studies and information on evaluation. Interwoven into the more structured sections are personal reflections from various perspectives, which make the book a compelling read for anyone who has been touched by the issues parents face either directly or as colleague, friend or line manager, which is pretty much all of us. I was personally moved by many of the stories showing the difference mentoring can make, wishing I’d had some for myself many years ago and being glad that the adult children in my family have a better prospect of support.’  – Esther Cavett, Executive Coach and Director of the Cityparents Mentoring Scheme, UK

What do others say?

‘The power of mentoring in internal organisational mentoring programmes never ceases to amaze me. I see people transformed, meaning in life restored and hopes fulfilled. To me a robust parental mentoring programme epitomises what is best about formalised mentoring activity. It creates the opportunity for parents who would not otherwise receive the support they need, to take control and make this incredibly unique and special time in their lives unfold in the way they want it to. I believe this book is invaluable to any employer considering the implications of maternity on the careers of their professional women employees and who genuinely want to know more about how to support them through this fundamental and key transition in their life and career. It is a superb resource on how to implement maternity / parental mentoring and for those who want to learn more about best practice in this specialised field of mentoring.’ – Lis Merrick, Managing Director, Coach Mentoring Ltd, UK