Door Security Procedures

At Kingstown College we offer professional QQI accredited Door Security Procedures training to individuals or groups working in the Licensed Trade, Off License Trade, Hoteliers, Nightclub Owners/Managers, Security Event Managers, Retail Outlets and any organisation where a professional, effective security strategy is imperative.

This 5 day course in Door Security Procedures equips learners with the knowledge, skill and competence to work as Door Security Personnel, performing practical security duties and procedures and responding to security situations in order to maintain a safe and secure environment for patrons, staff and members of the public.

Door Security Procedures Course Details

CourseDoor Security Procedures
QualificationDoor Security Procedures – QQI Level 4 (4N1114)
PriceThe cost of this programme is only €200

PSA Licence fee – €90 Security Guard Licence & €150 Door Supervisor Licence

Combined Security Course & Security Guard licence €300

Kingstown College accepts funding from SOLAS, Local Employment Services, etc.

LocationHarbour View Business Centre, Dun Laoghaire. Co Dublin
Portlaoise Parish Centre, Stradbally Rd, Portlaoise, Co Laois
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Options to BookPhone: 1890 788 788 (Lo Call)
Text: 0860420035
Email: [email protected]

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Door Security Procedures course outline

  • Work place familiarisation
  • Emergency equipment
  • Use of security equipment
  • Emergency procedures
  • Personal development
  • Searching an individual
  • Conducting Patron Refusal of Entry/ Removing a Person
  • Dealing with aggressive persons
  • Teamwork
  • Action on finding an injured person
  • Making a short presentation
  • Case study work on what is meant by loss and fraud prevention.
  • What is meant by reasonable and necessary force
  • Appropiate on-site cash handling procedures.
  • Practical Skills Demonstrations
  • Written Examination

Since January 2013, Security Training for PSA License is being delivered through a blended learning approach involving a minimum of 30 hours class time and up to 100 hours self-directed learning. You will also be required to conduct a home-study element of the programme prior to attending, covering more theoretical aspects of the programme. All practical aspects of the programme will be covered in class using roleplay, videos, handouts and PowerPoint presentations.

Available locations for Door Security Procedures course

We currently offer Door Security Procedures courses nationwide. Our most popular locations in Ireland are Dublin,Cork, Galway, Mullingar, Portloaise and Athlone.

What will you learn from our Door Security Procedures course?

Our Door Security Procedures course participants will: 

  • Learn about the legislation, regulations and standards governing the provision of a private security service to include reference to the Private Security Services legislation, relevant national and international standards and the role of the Private Security Authority.
  • Explain the role of private security services in relation to other agencies which deal with crime and loss prevention.
  • Distinguish between legal codes and practices relating to the role of the security officer to include – criminal and civil law, rights of the individual, health and safety legislation, equality legislation and security industry licensing requirements and relevant national and international standards.
  • Explain the status of representatives of authorised bodies entering premises to include members of An Garda Síochána, fire officers, health and safety inspectors and representatives of the security industry regulatory body.
  • Contrast the role and responsibilities of a security officer employed directly by a client in-house and the provision of a contract security service. State the principal points of relevant national labour regulations. Explain a range of personal and professional qualities required of a security officer.
  • Indicate relevant health and safety requirements, including dealing with fire, that impact on the duties and responsibilities of the security officer. Explain what is meant by loss and fraud prevention.
  • Explain what is meant by reasonable and necessary force. Outline appropriate on-site cash handling procedures.
  • Carry out the duties and procedures required of a security officer
  • Respond appropriately to security incidents and emergencies. Use a variety of supporting security tools and equipment.
  • Demonstrate appropriate procedures for dealing with a suspect.
  • Demonstrate a range of procedures for loss prevention and identification.
  • Demonstrate procedures for the preservation of a scene of crime, the recording of incidents and liaison with appropriate agencies and organisations.
  • Learn how to use appropriate communications skills with a range of customers.

Why train with Kingstown College?

  • Kingstown College Training Provider Executive Coaching Solutions Ltd is a QQI Validated Training Provider and we offer high quality, skills-based and client focused security training programmes ranging from site specific through to comprehensive training and services within specialised security areas.
  • Our Door Security Procedures instructors are experts in the subjects they teach with a real understanding of the needs of the Security Industry in Ireland today. Most importantly, all of our programmes are recognised by the Private Security Authority.

Programme Fees

The cost of this programme is only €200.

PSA Licence fee – €90 Security Guard Licence & €150 Door Supervisor Licence

Kingstown College accepts funding from SOLAS, Local Employment Services, etc.

Call our office on 1890 788 788 for the latest offers.

Programme fees are payable by a deposit to secure your place on the Programme with the remainder payable on the first day of training.

Course Registration Requirements

All students attending must provide their Date of Birth and PPS number on arrival.

If you are an employee applying for a licence you will need to register on the PSA website

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Kingstown College (Executive Coaching Solutions) is a QQI Validated Training Provider.