Setting goals with teams

by Prof David Clutterbuck

Setting goals with teams

The critical starting point is “What is the team’s purpose?”. Once that is defined, the coach can facilitate them in discussing What are the five (or 7 or whatever) key
things that have to happen to achieve that purpose?

Once these are agreed, you can start to define collective goals — long term, medium term and short term. What would have happened for us to be sure we are making
progress towards achieving those things?” and What measures would be appropriate?

Next, ask people to co-coach each other on what they expect of themselves and of each other in terms of making these goals happen — again long, medium and shortterm. From this, everyone agrees two or three (maximum) goals for themselves.

Finally and very important, everyone agrees to support each other in achieving their goals and discusses how they will do so.

At subsequent meetings, the agenda is:
• What progress are we making towards our goals?
• Which if any of our goals need to be revisited?
• What have we done to advance the achievement of our own goals, each other’s goals and the collective goals?

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