Mental Strengths Programme for Leaders & People Development Professionals

Introduction to Mental Strengths Programme

Mental strength is the combination of resilience and confidence that underpins our capacity to maintain control over our emotions and responses during and after periods of challenge, adversity and complexity. Leaders, Managers and Professionals, whose work involves motivating and supporting others, must first nourish and protect their own mental strength in order to effectively support and protect the coping capability of those under their care.

CourseMental Strengths Programme for Leaders & People Development Professionals
AccreditationParticipants who complete this programme may apply for CPD Certification from the European Mentoring and Coaching Council.
WhenThis is an evening programme with sessions every fortnight 6pm till 9pm in Fitzpatrick Castle Hotel, Killiney, co. Dublin.
Programme Cost €295
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Learn more about our Mental Strengths Programme

This six part programme combines positive psychology, mindfulness and coaching approaches, proven to support mental fortitude in adults. Over the duration of the course participants will be introduced to evidence based research and practices in the areas of psychological and emotional well-being and resilience-building. As an ‘Applied’ programme, participants are encouraged to personally reflect on and practice the programme strategies as they learn how to successfully implement them in a work-place and professional context.

At the end of the programme Participants will have:

• developed and deepened a personal mindfulness practice
• identified pressure points and learned how to choose their most effective response
• become familiar with their signature strengths and using the language of strengths, better understand themselves and others
• learned how to use positive and mindful strategies to improve and heal relationships
• determined how to create an optimistic environment
• developed a set of practices which can be transferred to the work-place

Who is this programme for?
• Individuals who wish to develop their own mental strength, self-understanding and psychological well-being
• HR Professionals, L&D Specialists, Coaches, Mentors and Organisational Consultants who work in the area of personal and professional development
• Leaders, managers and supervisors who are searching for new and applicable approaches to creating positive work-place environments and relationships


Jane Perry is the Lead Facilitator for this programme. Jane is a business psychologist who specialises in building mental strength and coping capability. After a career in Sales Management and Strategic Leadership in the Financial Sector, followed by a number of years of research and practice in this field, Jane is absolute in her belief that resilience is a skill which can be developed and strengthened.

Jane’s academic credentials include a 1st class honours MSc in Applied Positive Psychology and a Post Graduate Diploma in Personal Construct Psychology (Orgs.). She is a certified Leadership and Executive Coach, Mindfulness Therapist, Qualified Trainer and Accredited Strengthscope Practitioner.

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