Psychometric Testing Course

Dr. Terry Connors
M.Ed., C. Psychol., BPS Verified Assessor of Psychometrics

Introduction to Psychometric Testing

Kingstown College Psychometric Testing course confers the industry-standard, internationally recognised qualification in psychometrics awarded by the British Psychological Society. There are four days of training in using aptitude test and careers tests as well as training in personality, Myers-Briggs type and emotional intelligence tests.

Over the past 10 years Psychometrik have trained over 700 people in psychometrics including many HR specialists, recruiters, guidance counsellors and performance coaches – see their client list and what their clients have to say here.

Upcoming dates for Psychometric Testing course

Dates: 10th – 13th July

Venue: Fitzpatrick Castle Hotel,  Killiney, Co. Dublin

Cost: Special offer of €1175 (normally €1450)

The course provides comprehensive training in using psychometrics, including:

Skills Training

The course provides skills training in using psychometrics effectively in selection and development. To achieve this we familiarise you with a comprehensive range of  psychometric tools (see list below) and teach you how to use psychometrics to gain insight into the behavioural styles of the applicant/employee (personality, values, emotional intelligence). As well as gaining these skills, you also gain a comprehensive understanding of current thinking, tools and techniques in using selection and development.

Training in Specific Tests & Assessments

We use a variety of tests but the training gives you access to industry-leading measures including measures of: Personality Traits – the 15FQ+ (16PF Industrial), the worlds leading personality questionnaire; Myers-Briggs Type – Jung Type Indicator, the most up-to-date measure of the Myers-Briggs Model; Emotional Intelligence – The Emotional Intelligence Questionnaire, the latest measure of this new and exciting area; The Values-based Indicator of Motivation, the most recent development in the field of personality assessment.

Personal Development

As part of the course you complete four of the world’s leading psychometric questionnaires (15FQ/16PF, JTI, EIQ and VbIM) and use your profiles in feedback and coaching role plays. This makes the course a great personal development opportunity as you get a very comprehensive picture of how you think, feel, act, cope and relate to others. We also provide you with the industry-standard methodology for combining personality profiles with other selection data (CV, Interview, etc.) and mapping these to job competencies in job coaching. We also help you identify possible points of synergy and conflict between your behavioural style and those of your clients and how to use these in coaching and career development.

Recognised Certification (BPS, PSI, IGC, CIPD)

The course fulfills the requirements for the Certificate of Competence in Occupational Testing awarded by the British Psychological Society. On graduation you automatically gain access to the catalogues of our test publishers Psytech and Team Focus and to the catalogues of other test publishers should you also wish to register with the BPS; they charge their own fee for registration with them. In addition, certification allows you to be set up at no cost with accounts on our online testing platforms where you can use these tests and assessments on a pay-per-use basis.

Participant Feedback

If you would like to revitalise and find new direction in your personal or career life, then coaching is one of the best tools you could have and Kingstown College are at the top in this exciting field.

Emer Murphy E.S.B

Very much enjoyed the Programme. Met some great people and got great feedback on my abilities as a Coach. Very enjoyable Programme and thought provoking throughout. Many thanks to all at ECSL.

Tracey HolianTesco

I loved the programme and gained huge experience and knowledge throughout it’s time. The location, venue and learning environment were ideal and supported a very positive experience.

Mary O’ReillyIrish Fisheries Board